DUSK 2019

Anke Huntjens, Bert Snaterse, Simone Schuffelen

curated by Simone Schuffelen


Shimmer, shade, terrible, ugly, touching, intelligent wolf or human.

Big parties and extravagant night scenes.

A part of the decor, a good stunt, a fire rocket inside, a conversation on the couch, a falling feather of a boa, a sticky ass cheek, a plastic knee length boot, a warm bath, a gum in my hair, a flashing bar lamp, a dip on the stage, a large club of friends, a glamorous wheel of fortune, a love affair on the toilet, three Marlyn Monroes, a balcony above a swirling crowd, a number of birthdays, a group of hip shop staff, a glass of half-full, a flame in the attic , a Miss You song.

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