Anke Huntjens (1991) Noorbeek

Huntjens, the DIY artist with two left hands 
who acquired her technical skills through Tutorials 
and who (re)uses found material and objects to create installations. 
In the making process she first creates chaos 
to afterwards find structure within. 
Huntjens embraces being a woman and her creations show her interpretation
 of life and the world she lives in as seen through the eyes of a woman. 
In her opinion, art is able to enthrall and engage people, 
to make people feel connected and start up conversations. 
She therefore invites people in on her endless, dynamic journey 
to self-knowledge and -awareness. 
Instead of upholding generally accepted standards for women, 
Huntjens wants to question and challenge them, 
as they have such a big formative influence on the identity of a woman. 
The themes of her works are for example anticonception, 
hormonal identity and social openness, 
that define ‘femininity and that often involve a sense of shame.